“Hypercreative progressive rock/fusion outfit from Niagara Falls, currently creating a buzz by reminding people that virtuosity and untethered imagination have a place in popular music”

– Jeff Miers (Sept 7, 2016 Gusto: “10 Must-See Acts at Music Is Art”)

Dave Riffel (keys) • Danusia Beatz (drums) • Ricky Garfalo (bass) • Nate Noworyta (guitar) 

Like it’s namesake, the Niagara Falls-based band PANGEA is a supercontinent of sound.

Born from a shared vision of creativity & a desire to fuse diverse musical styles together, this foursome has been composing energetic and head-turning instrumental jams that combine rock, jazz, progressive & world music into one musical cocktail.

This conglomeration of bright, enticing riffs from Nate Noworyta’s guitar with the punchy melodic grooves of keyboardist Dave Riffel whirl above the skillful foundation of bassist Ricardo J Garfalo III, and are all held together by the driving and distinct drumming of Danusia Beatz.

Each song is a journey through alluring hooks, dynamic arrangements & playful rhythms that won’t fail to entice, entertain and give each ear a world of music to explore.